While our friends across the pond might roll their eyes at my 2-months-2-late review of this brilliant three-part mini-series, I’m doin’ this for all those not attached to the recent releases at the BBC ever-controversial Channel 4 who appreciate the dry wit and drearily harsh outlook of British productions. You know, geeks like me :)

What we have here today is a review of a trilogy called “Black Mirror” that came out this past winter on BBC Channel 4. Created by the man who brought us the zombie-legend (though I’m guessing most haven’t seen it and therefore I will be following up with an article about it soon) “Dead Set” which blended the infamy of “Big Brother” with the originality of “28 Days Later”. Backed with established directorial power, the Brits did their usual thing and relied less on “star power” to move this mini-series and rather compiled a cast of actors based on talent rather than Oscar and Emmy count. While the story lines do not much up at all across the three episodes, what is common is the dystopic view of society’s future if things continue the way they’re going with a specific nod to technology and social media. The show considers a world driven and controlled by public demand and popularity; a caged existence where the only escape is to work like a drone forever or steal fame from another’s grasp; and, a future where no memory has to ever be forgotten but where no crime can ever be forgiven. Excusing my dramatic retelling of the tri-plot lines, the series is truly a masterful look at where we might end up one day.

First up let’s talk sexy: “The National Anthem” as the primary installment is lacking in all sense of the word, “15 Million Merits” as part two has a handsome protagonist played by Daniel Kaluuva but his shyness steals from that although his female counterpart Jessica Brown Findlay is gorgeous in every sense of the word, and then there’s the finale “The Entire History of You” who finally features a main hottie in Toby Kebbell who’s mysterious ancestry adds up to one hot British man. Next, let’s consider acting: spot on. The roles are all extremely dramatic in their own way and especially as you wind your way to the final and most painful episode you feel for every suffering actor on the screen: and they are ALL SUFFERING… it’s that kind of series.

The cinematography is specific and often contained. Except for some city-panning shots in the first piece the episodes are pretty sedentary in locale, however that does not mean limited in beauty or effect. Particularly with “15 Million Merits” and its wondrous if not slightly hoaky CGI, there is a lot of compelling predictions of what the future might look like. Finally, the writing itself. I loved it. The characters are dramatic but you can really understand they’ve been pushed for so long and so hard that it only makes sense they explode and implode as they do. The story lines are original enough to capture your interest even if you’re not a sci-fi buff but rather someone who has an opinion on society’s direction. Though moms and dads everywhere are likely pointing to this series as a reason to consider twitter and facebook as the devil, there is some value to the cautionary tale held within: stay human, people… it’s all that connects us.

Directly below is the smartly edited trailer for the series as a whole and below that I’ve posted the episodes’ trailers should you want to pick and choose between which you’d like to see. Though, I honestly think anyone would love all three and they’re best viewed as a whole. Well, that’s all I can do, the rest is up to you: but trust me, you’ll love em’.

“Black Mirror” (Three Part Mini-Series)

“Part One: National Anthem”

“Part Two: 15 Million Merits”

“Part Three: The Entire History of You”